Marcin Siwek


You find yourself lost in the forest. You do not remember anything. You do not know who you are and what you are doing there. Can you seek your way out of the maze created by forest? Can you keep sanity meeting inexplicable events? Choose your path carefully because this might be your last choice ever..

Begin adventure today!

Go through the forest to find lost memories.
Search for answers using multiple game choices.
Survive going through different paths of game.
Escape from blackness.


unseen in action.

Dialogue choices.

You found an item!


The game unseen is on sale now. For more information visit Songbird Productions shop:

Songbird Productions


Tomasz Boksa on Retroage (Polish only)


Preview of the block diagram of the game.

About me

Welcome to my website. My name is Marcin Siwek. My interests revolve around the rich history of the game development for early computers and consoles. Inspired by their achievements, I decided to take my chance at being developer myself. In spare time I am trying to create new ideas and concepts which I transfer into game language. I hope you will enjoy playing my games as much as I enjoyed creating them. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, it will help me improving my future projects.

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